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Calidris Alba

A few salient studies, publications, and videos

Global video gaming behavioral study
Verus Multiplayer Online Gaming Research - Final Report

Entrepreneurship in Education (book preface)
Adventures in Ventures (Summer in Silicon Valley talk - July 2019)

Crowdsourced software verification games
Technology & Consciousness 2017 - Final Report
Research ethics and global virtual world studies

Xylem: the (code) of plants (video)
The future of identity (video)

Some (ad)ventures of interest - past, present, and future

John Murray PhD CV

John Murray: Publications

The Murray in its natural environment

EShip game-based workshops

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Important external resources
for the times we live in

Living in a Cyber-Enabled World

Gresham College lecture series on how software crafters need to adapt, in order to 'shore up the foundations of a digital society that is increasingly built on sand.'
Calling Bullshit is a very cool course at U Washington that aims to teach critical thinking about data and models in the social and natural sciences.

Franken-algorithms: The deadly consequences of unpredictable code

Franken-algorithms: Insightful aticle from The Guardian about the unfolding tech crisis, as code piled upon code creates ‘a universe no one fully understands’
Leave No Dark Corner: China is building a digital dictatorship to exert control over its 1.4 billion citizens. For some, “social credit” will bring privileges — for others, punishment.